Hampton Exclusive Lighting

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

We believe in living a lifestyle of surrounding yourself with exceptional quality in all aspects of living. The people you associate with, the places you choose to live and visit, events you take part in and experience, as well as the environment you care about creating. We see things from a different light and so we cast light upon the beauty that surrounds us. Nature is our sanctuary, making our homes what they are. We shed light to bring out the beauty nature in our landscapes and create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Whether it is within our own back yards, or our beloved vacation escapes, Landscape Lighting enhances those experiences we choose to have.

We strive to not only exceed the expectations of our clients but re-shape their view on the importance of quality light. This process starts with each encounter where we have the opportunity to educate someone about the different light sources, qualities and style of lighting. Landscape Lighting is our art, your beautiful property is our canvas, and color enhanced LED light is our paint. Warm, soft, beautiful scenery within nature becomes the 3D art piece you can walk through and experience together.